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Check out our FAQ!

  • Can I leave any time during a show?
    Yes, you may leave any time during a show but will not be allowed re-entry unless their is a special/emergency situation. Shows will be held as a "closed door event" to insure no drug or alcohol use during shows. If you leave you will not be let back in. We do have plenty of fresh air on our back patio. If it's an emergency and you need to go to your vehicle, make sure to ask an employee for a manager - we are able to make exceptions for special situations.
  • Is there alcohol?
    No. We are an all ages venue and will not be serving alchol. Their will be other drinks and beverages sold.
  • Is The Den all ages? What does that mean?
    Yes! All ages means that anyone of any age is allowed to attend any event at The Den. All are welcome! However, if someone is 14 years or younger they must attend with a parent or legal guardian. All tickets are General Admission.
  • What are your current hours?
    We are currently only open for our events. Times will vary depending on the event.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located right off 6th street next to the Art Store. Our address is 537 N 6th Street Suite D, Prescott AZ 86301.
  • How do I book my band?
    Please email our booking team!
  • Are bags or weapons allowed?
    Bags are allowed at The Den, however they may be subject to search. No weapons will be allowed at any events or shows including knives, guns, bars, metal pipes, or brass knuckles.
  • Will you be watching my child so they don't get into trouble during shows?
    We will have security guards at all shows and will be watching over the crowd to make sure there is no unlawful acts going on. We will not be baby sitting your teen or making sure they don't leave.
  • Where can I purchase tickets?
    You can purchase tickets through our website or in person at the door. If purchasing in person cash and card are accepted. When purchasing online please bring your email confirmation to the door to show to the attendent.
  • Can I smoke inside of The Den?
    No smoking or vaping is allowed inside of The Den. We have a back patio where you can smoke cigarrettes, electronic cigarrettes, cigars or use your vape. No drug use is allowed.
  • Best place to park?
    We have first come first serve parking in the lot directly in front of our building. Additional parking is found in the parking lot behind Staples which you can get to by turning down the access road next to Prescott Fire Dept. Station 72.
  • Can my child get in for free?
    If they are 4 and under they can get in for free! 5-10 year olds get a 50% discount and 11+ pay full price.
  • Do I need to bring a parent to attend live shows?
    If you are 14 years and younger you must be accompanied by a parent /legal guardian for you to attend live shows. It is up to parents/legal guardians to decide which shows are appropriate for their child to attend.

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