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If you are reading this it’s because you have either been a part of our journey at The Den in some capacity or have been sent here by someone who felt you might want to be. We are honored, either way, to have this small chunk of your attention because we would love to fill you in on where we are, where we’re going and how you can participate in what we believe to be a monumental mission for our community.


For anyone who doesn’t know, The Den is a new business in Prescott, AZ that will be a music venue, coffee shop, skate space and lifestyle merchandise brand all in one when we open at full capacity. As of right now we are in phase one (music venue and merchandise), but we couldn’t be more excited to be here. Our heart is to take this beginning and create a solid, missional, and profitable business that serves our community for years to come.

Anyone who has ever tried to open a business knows that it is no small feat, but is one that requires grit, commitment and nurturing. To see success you have to be willing to get in the ring and give the fight your best. When we signed the lease to our current location one month prior to the world practically shutting down due to the Covid-19 outbreak we had no idea that the next year would be so tumultuous, especially for venues and new businesses. The amount of times we’ve heard “no” and kept going another route has become almost a daily practice. It could kill a dream.

...But it hasn’t killed our’s.


We believe that our community needs this more than we need sleep, easy “yes’s” or lined pockets. Our mission is to inspire the next generation to be artists fully committed to their craft and to be people who believe in the power of their art to uplift their community. How we do this is multifaceted but not without purpose or focus. We believe that by giving people a place to go where they can first dream and then get busy in the doing of that dream will not only spark some type of hope in themselves, but bring hope to others, because sometimes the best talents and dreams are squashed simply because there was no welcome mat set out. So our solution is a coffee shop, music venue and skate space all wrapped up into one, as well as a merchandise line to accompany the culture surrounding it. We’ve chosen this route not only because of our personal stories, but because we see it as a way to fulfill a need in our community - a need to belong, and a need to create.

If you’ve spent much time in Prescott, Arizona you will find out that there are no all ages music venues. You will also not find any coffee shops open from 6am-10pm where students (of all ages mind you) can study and spend time with friends - which is odd in a town with a growing university aged population. You will most definitely not find a giant, wooden skateboard halfpipe for our talented skateboard community. You can sense the love for art and music throughout the city, but the space committed to any type of music other than folk, acoustic, and easy listening rock is almost completely absent as is the support for more alternative art styles, especially from established, vetted, safety conscious businesses. We believe that our youth need more from us and that we can offer them something that they want which will aid in more than dreams fulfilled but will hopefully keep them out of trouble by giving them something constructive to participate in. 

We want to change the current dynamic, and we’ve already been inching our way towards making big waves. However, we know that to make this machine run the way it was intended to, not only from a missional/community perspective but from a business and profit standpoint we need the help of others. We cannot do this alone.

Since the official start of The Den in February of 2020 we have crossed some very significant finish lines. Last spring we designed and furnished much of our space to make it usable for concerts. In October 2020, to help keep our mission going while we were working with the city and our architect to get our plans created and approved, we began a $30,000 crowdfunding campaign that was fully funded the next month. We launched our self-designed merchandise line as a part of this to raise funds which was received with amazing support from locals and non-locals alike. We also had the opportunity in Spring of 2021 to partner with Vans as one of their picks to participate in their Foot The Bill program. They designed a custom shoe and a Vans + The Den collaboration shirt, which felt like a once in a lifetime type of experience.


Since then we’ve had our plans completed and approved by the City of Prescott. We have received a provisional license, since passing fire and safety to hold shows in our venue while we continue to raise funds and finish the build out of our coffee shop and merchandise store.


This is where we are calling on your support.

We are looking to raise $200,000 to finish our build out, purchase inventory, and fund payroll for a successful *grand* opening season. Our buildout includes creating our coffee bar, adding to our bathrooms, and completing our back patio. Our goal here is to see The Den open with all cylinders firing sooner than later. We want to offer jobs, open our doors for more community opportunities, and propel ourselves into a profitable *and missional* future.


As a part of this future vision we would also like to start a non-profit organization that is symbiotic with the mission of The Den, drive through coffee stands and another stand alone location. Our belief is that Prescott Valley along with many other cities need the mission of The Den, and we won’t stop dreaming of how to bring this to more people in a way that creates lasting impact.

Will you come alongside us?

We would love for you to partner with us.

You can donate here to help us finish our build out and get us fully launched.

Any amount is appreciated.

If you would like to discuss another arrangement or would like to invest in The Den please reach out to us by emailing

Anything under $1000 you can give right here through our Pay Pal.

For anything over $1000 we please ask that you email for our address or routing and account number. Pay Pal takes 3.5% of every transfer and we need all the help we can get.

If you decided to give in any capacity please email!

We would love to say thank you.


We can’t wait to see our community forever changed.

Thank you and warmest wishes.


Steven and Brianna Kinsley


The Den

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