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Booking Shows 101

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Here at The Den, we work with musicians at various career and skill levels. Communicating effectively with a venue is an underrated skill, that once developed, makes a world of difference. Making sure you're regularly checking your professional email, keeping track of important deadlines, and providing adequate information such as stage plots and tour assets, keeps the whole operation running smoothly and all but ensures that your band will be invited back for future shows.

If you are initiating contact, trying to find a direct email for the talent buyer or booking agent is the best course of action. You may find it listed on the venues website but you also might have to call directly and ask. Your email should be professional, contain links to music, EPKs, social media, when you are looking to book, and if desired, a (preferably) short biography.

As your band grows professionally you might be introduced to contracts, just as you will find when booking at The Den. While we strive to be transparent and keep the best interest of all parties in mind, not all venues are so benevolent. Reading the fine print whether in contracts OR emails is extremely important and will not only educate you on the processes of a particular venue but will also protect you from those that may have sneaky wording or clauses.

Once your contract is signed and you're ready to start providing your assets, it is good practice to provide a google drive folder with everything located inside. Logos with transparent backgrounds are extremely helpful to designers and media teams, and simple, straight forward stage plots/input lists help FOH. STAGE PLOT/INPUT LIST GUIDE

At any point once the contract has been signed it is appropriate for you to ask for show advance information, if not already provided. Advance info can include set times, load-in information, sound specifications, and really anything that you need to know to ensure a smooth show.

In closing, just remember: be your own biggest advocate, leave egos at the door, and seeking clarification is always a good thing. Best of luck booking your events!

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